Racing Fuel Technical Bulletins

Everything You Need To Know About Racing Fuel

Basic Qualities of Fuel
Four Fuel Properties

Racing Gasoline Glossary Terms
What do common terms mean?

Gasoline vs. Methanol
There Are Certain Advantages That Gasoline Has Over Methanol As A Racing Fuel

Octane Satisfaction
There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Octane

Flame Speed, Octane Number & Horsepower
Faster Flame Speed Is Always Better For Maximizing Horsepower

Octane Number Confusion
The Various Terms Used When Discussing Octane Quality

VP Race Fuels Addresses Octane Numbers & What They Represent
One Of VP's Most Frequently Asked Technical Questions?

Gasoline Additives & Components
What's In Gasoline?

Oxygen In Gasoline
Oxygen In Gasoline Is Good For Making More Power & Improving Emissions

Detonation or Pre-Ignition?
Be certain to use a gasoline with adequate octane quality to avoid engine damage or destruction

Leaded & Unleaded Gasoline
Do's & Don'ts

Myths Regarding Unleaded Racing Gasoline
Get The Straight Facts!

Myths Regarding Leaded Racing Gasoline
Get The Straight Facts!

Racing Gasoline Vapor Lock
What Contributes & Prevents Vapor Lock?

Street Gasoline & Low Compression Ratios
Tips To Reduce The Octane

BTU Content Of Gasoline
What Is A "BTU"?

100 Octane Racing Gasoline vs. Octane Boosters
Why Should I Buy High Octane Gasoline When I Can Buy Octane Boosters?

Fast Burn or Slow Burn Racing Gasoline
Which Is Better?

Racing Gasoline Storage
Store Racing Gasoline Out Of The Sun In A Sealed Metal Container For Best Results

Drum Storage & Handling
How To Handle & Store Your Lubricant & Fuel Drums

Handling Of Racing Fuels
Safety Guidelines For Racing Fuel

Racing Gasoline vs. Aviation Gasoline
Don't Substitute Aviation Gasoline For Racing Gasoline

Benefits of 100 Octane Unleaded Racing Fuel
Street Legal & A Possible Way To Pass A Failed Emission Test

Staying Safe At The Fuel Pump
Including Rules For Portable Containers

Glossary Of Drag Racing Terms
VP Racing Fuel "Makin Power"


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