Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Zerex Antifrreeze & Coolant

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What is unique about Zerex G-05?

Zerex G-05 is an ethylene glycol based coolant with an HOAT (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) inhibitor package. It is phosphate free, fully formulated (contains nitrite) and protects against hard water deposits and corrosion. As a testament to the quality, Mercedes has been using this formula for over 20 years.

What is a HOAT coolant and why is it different from conventional and extended life coolants?

An HOAT coolant uses both inorganic and organic inhibitors. HOAT coolants offer the best of all technologies for both immediate and long lasting protection. Inorganic inhibitors provide fast acting aluminum engine protection from boiling and erosion while the organic materials offer non-depleting, long term protection.

What vehicles use Zerex G-05 in the factory fill and what is the dye color?

  • 1984 Mercedes and beyond (light yellow)
  • 1990 Deere and Company vehicles and beyond (green)
  • 2001 Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep and beyond (orange)
  • 2002 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury trucks and SUVS and beyond (yellow)
  • 2003 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury automobiles and beyond (yellow)

What aftermarket products are approved by Ford and Chrysler?

  • Ford, Lincoln, Mercury brands - Ford Motorcraft Gold and Zerex G-05
  • Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep brands - Mopars 5/100 Antifreeze and Zerex G-05

What is the difference between these products?

All products use the Zerex G-05 formulation. The only difference is the dye color.

Are extended life coolants compatible with G-05? And vice versa?

Mix coolant types in an emergency but for optimum long life protection it is best to use the O.E.M. recommended fluid exclusively.

Can you use an extended life coolant in a Ford and Chrysler vehicle?

Both the Ford and Chrysler owner's manuals do not recommend using unapproved extended life products such as DEX-COOL or equivalents in their vehicles and state that improper maintenance may invalidate the warranty of the cooling system. In addition, many vehicles are not designed for DEX-COOL or equivalent organic acid, extended life coolants. For example DaimlerChrysler is reported to have experienced solder corrosion issues in heater cores with some DEX-COOL type fluids.

Can you use Zerex G-05 in a GM Vehicle?

While one can use Zerex G-05 in a GM vehicle, Valvoline recommends that you use as GM DEX-COOL approved formula in a GM vehicle under warranty.

Can Zerex G-05 be used in diesel applications?

Yes, Zerex G-05 is a fully formulated (nitrite containing) coolant that will help protect diesel engine cylinder liners from pitting corrosion. It has also been approved by Cummins and Deere & Company.

Is it safe to use Zerex G-05 in European and Japanese manufactured vehicles?

Zerex G-05 is compatible with Japanese and European cooling systems as an aftermarket equivalent. Consult the owner's manual for manufacturer recommendations and warranty information.




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